One decision changed our lives. 

The reason we started Lilly’s Lope for Hope is because of my niece, Lilly Stagner. She was an amazing young lady with dreams, goals, and accomplishments, and was an artist and a friend to many. She took her own life in 2013.

Lilly was an amazing artist, even teaching 6th graders art while she was a freshman. The intense beauty in the sunrises I have seen since her death have brought me joy. She is painting in heaven, I am sure of it. Lilly would be so proud to see that her life didn't end on that October day but that instead we are turning a tragedy into something more.

The message my family would desperately like to have heard is HOPE. We are Christians, and so was Lilly. And though we are not promised a life without trials, we are promised that God will be right beside us through all of them. There has truly been a sense of grace given to us in our darkest hours, and a sense of hope has grown with the planning of this and future runs. We would love to see the other towns nearby put on their own runs and raise money for their local school districts and children in need for inspiration and counselling. 

Our Mission

The money raised provides suicide prevention education and counseling needs for the youth in the Philomath and Corvallis school district. Our mission is to share our story, to speak out against youth suicide, and to provide hope. We believe that talking about this mistake that happened will hopefully stop another from making the same one. 

Increase suicide awareness and prevent further loss of young life through providing funds for counselling services, mental health and suicide awareness.

We believe that talking about this mistake that happened will hopefully stop any other tragedies.


Lilly Stagner

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, and faithful in prayer.
— Romans 12:12

What We've Achieved

  • Over the years, hundreds of people have participated in the run to help raise money & awareness for suicide prevention. The money raised has been able to fund the Philomath School Districts counseling services and cover the costs of student's counseling fees that their insurance may not support. We've also been able to help fund Inspired Day, HERO Challenge, free QPR classes, and Old Mill's counseling services.
  • Inspired Day features a guest speaker that emphasizes messages such as strength, hope, and courage to students. These messages are meant to encourage students to build one another up and learn important developmental life lessons. Our youth are afraid of failure, but don't realize that it is such a crucial part of our learning and development. Read more about a previous Inspired Day here!
  • HERO is an acronym that stands for "Helping Everyone Respect Others." HERO Challenge is based at OSU's Adventure Leadership Institute's rope course and has students go through obstacles to learn how to work within a team, build friendships, and prevent bullying. Running a ropes course puts students in a situation where they need to cooperate, work together, and overcome fears. Read more about a previous HERO Challenge here!
  • We've been able to collaborate with Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center for community members to take QPR for free (QPR is "Question, persuade, refer," a suicide prevention class). Learn more about it on our Resources page!
  • We recently just partnered with Old Mill Center and are helping fund counseling services for their clients that are not covered by insurance.